Irish Famine Summer School and Conference Programmes Nearly Ready!

A Land League poster from the early 1880s

A Land League poster from the early 1880s

This we have an interesting mix of speakers at both the Summer School and Conference. At the Summer School we have talks on lives after the Great Famine, the use of the Famine in later political campaigns for land reform and Home Rule, and discussions of the Gaelic revival in sport and literature.

The conference begins with a discussion of the work of the Quakers, both in terms of Famine relief and other social reforms. There are then sessions on the impact of Irish emigrants abroad, agrarian agitation and the Land War, Fenianism, education and the return of emigrants during the revolutionary period, issues of memory and identity and a panel on the Famine in literature and film.

Book your place now for what promises to be a really engaging Summer School and Conference.